Can the combination of creatine nitrate and caffeine improve physical and cognitive performance in athletes?


Athletes often take dietary supplements to enhance their training and physical performance. In the field of sports nutrition, interest in improving performance in a safe and lawful manner has expanded.

Two well-studied supplements are caffeine and creatine, which individually have been shown to enhance performance. In recent years, creatine nitrate has been investigated because of its role in nitric oxide production, which improves aspects such as blood circulation and muscle oxygenation. However, the combined effects of caffeine and creatine are still under debate.

Recently, a study by researchers at Jacksonville University and other international institutions has examined the impact of creatine nitrate and caffeine, separately and in combination, in endurance-trained athletes. The results are remarkable and suggest new strategies for optimizing physical and cognitive performance. The study involved twelve endurance-trained male athletes who were supplemented with creatine nitrate (5g/day), caffeine (400mg/day) or a combination of both for seven days. In addition, safety tests and blood tests were performed before and after supplementation.

The benefits of creatine and caffeine in athletes

A significant improvement in cognitive function was found in athletes who received the combination of creatine nitrate and caffeine, standing out in a specific test. However, no notable improvements in physical performance were observed during endurance tests. The researchers conclude that the combination of these supplements could improve cognitive function in athletes for seven days without adverse effects. However, further studies are required to determine the optimal dose and long-term effects of this combination.

These findings are relevant to athletes and sports professionals interested in advancing both physical and cognitive performance effectively and safely. Creatine nitrate and caffeine are commercially available as supplements and their combination could be considered as a promising strategy in training and competition.

A female athlete doing resistance exercises as instructed by her personal trainer.
The results of the study show that the combination of creatine nitrate and caffeine optimizes cognitive performance, however, it does not have the same results on the physical performance of athletes.

It is important to stress the importance of obtaining professional recommendations before starting any supplementation to ensure suitability to individual circumstances and goals. These results also open up new avenues of research that could benefit athletes and offer additional strategies and options for improving physical and cognitive performance.

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Source: The Effect of Creatine Nitrate and Caffeine Individually or Combined on Exercise Performance and Cognitive Function: A Randomized, Crossover, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial


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