Learn about some summer sports for children


There are several summer sports children can enjoy during their summer break to stay healthy.

Children must practice sports and work out to combat sedentary lifestyles and have good health. Healthy habits are, thus, encouraged in children. Here are some sports that benefit children.

Summer sports for children


Swimming is an ideal summer sport. It is a complete sport that allows children to work on their coordination and strength, develop their muscles, increase their respiratory capacity, and acquire independence and self-confidence.

On the other hand, it is important that children learn to swim from the age of four, and the ideal place to do it is the swimming pool. Always under adult supervision. In addition, teaching a son or daughter to do so is also important as it establishes a connection.


In summer, volleyball can be practiced on the beach or adapted courts. It is ideal for children to learn to play and work as a team. It also improves agility, coordination, strength, concentration, and endurance, and provides a better ability to react and move quickly.

The ideal age to start practicing this sport is from the age of six, after developing motor skills.


Summer is ideal for children to practice cycling and discover trails with the family. For this purpose, the child must have a bicycle according to their age, a helmet, and adequate protective gear.

Cycling promotes contact with nature and allows you to work on the muscles, legs, and arms; it improves coordination, concentration, balance, and respiratory capacity. A tricycle is ideal for babies and toddlers to start pedaling.


Hiking is a great way to exercise and connect with nature. Practicing this sport as a family allows for spending time together, developing and toning the muscles, and improving endurance and breathing capacity.

Trails should be appropriate based on the children’s ages and abilities. Footwear, and light clothing that transpires and does not cause chafing, among others, are required.

Lastly, the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (International Iberoamerican University) (UNIB) offers the Master in Physical Activity: Sports and Training Management.

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