How does technology influence the soccer fan experience?


Advances in technology have been elemental in the sports field, predominantly in the fan experience.

There are several technological tools that facilitate the task of building fan loyalty, not only to increase attendance at stadiums, but also to improve their experience and safety. Therefore, some technology companies seek to develop and implement services that meet the quality and efficiency of the processes of sporting events.

Nowadays, fans have changed their consumption habits and are looking for other kinds of services. Some teams, for example, have apps that provide exclusive information and images in real time; stadiums have innovated and offer wayfinding technology, greater connectivity, and resolution in LED screens; they have integrated the purchase of tickets and services in a single smartphone platform. The sports fan experience has become a physical, virtual, and omnichannel reality.

Technologies that have changed the fan experience


5G technology systems increase device performance to enhance high-definition video services. This allows teams to provide services to fans from the stadium, broadcasting live content in HD. To this end, companies have partnered with communications service providers that have the capacity to provide high quality connections.

Augmented reality

This technology offers real information in the virtual experience. Augmented reality is commonly used in billboards. Today, augmented reality and virtual LED are used for marketing campaigns in stadiums; they make it possible to change the advertisements that are projected on billboards to adapt them to the audience watching them on TV.

Facial recognition

To prevent clashes between fans or between players and fans, security cameras have been installed; these are also used to monitor those who attend stadiums. Biometric cameras detect, verify, and authenticate people through facial features in real time and store them in the system. They also take aging into account; they recognize people who have changed over time.

These issues help the fan decide whether or not to attend a game.

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Source: La digitalización revoluciona el sector del fútbol cambiando la experiencia de los fans


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