The impact of social media on marketing strategies


Discover how the marketing world was conquered by social media!

Social networks have become an indisputable phenomenon in our lives, from the arrival of Facebook in 2004 to the current popularity of platforms such as TikTok. These digital spaces not only allow us to connect and communicate with people around the world, but they have also become key tools in the business world.

In an increasingly digitalized environment, social networks play a key role in marketing strategies. They are essential channels to interact with the audience, build a brand, and generate leads. Companies from all sectors have understood the importance of being present on these platforms.

According to the CEO of digital consultancy rocking, Rafa Muñoz, social media offers direct access to consumers and demands authenticity, quality content, real-time interaction, and a deep understanding of the audience. Being creative and knowing your target audience has become a basic toll for success in the digital world.

Marketing strategies have changed

The change in consumption habits is evident: we are consuming less and less traditional media and more and more we are approaching the world through social media. The Director of Content Strategy at MacLucan, Luis Núñez, states that we live in an era of on-demand content in which algorithms suggest what we should consume.

In this scenario, marketers must be prepared to develop a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to academic training in marketing, it is essential to acquire specific skills in social media management, data analysis, and communication. The key is to adapt to the hybrid and changing world in which we find ourselves.

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