Meet Saudi Arabia’s innovative vision for 2030


Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision represents a bold effort to lead the kingdom into a new era of prosperity and sustainability.

At the heart of this vision are nine revolutionary, large-scale projects, each designed to transform the nation’s landscape and economy. One of these, The Line project, stands out as an example of cutting-edge innovation and urban planning. Spanning 170 kilometers, The Line will reinvent conventional urban designs by fusing technology and nature to create a futuristic linear metropolis.

What is The Line project?

It is projected to be a complete city made up of two towering parallel skyscrapers, each 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long and 500 meters high. It will be built in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea. The Line will combine state-of-the-art technology with natural elements, with the aim of improving the quality of life and connectivity, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

How much does The Line project cost?

Although exact figures on the cost of the project have not been disclosed, it is part of a remarkable investment by Saudi Arabia in nine large-scale projects defined in the 2030 vision. These projects will require a total sum of hundreds of billions of dollars in joint investments and represent the kingdom’s commitment to economic diversification, innovation and sustainable development.

Two architects working on a 3D project using virtual reality glasses.
Saudi Arabia’s 2030 project aims to lead the nation towards a better, more prosperous and sustainable future.

In short, Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision lays out a bold plan toward a prosperous and diversified future, grounded in nine monumental transformative projects. The Line project emanates as a symbol of innovation and sustainability, redefining the urban terrain for the 21st century. Although financial details remain under wraps, its fusion of technology and nature highlights Saudi Arabia’s dedication to forging a more connected, livable and environmentally conscious society. As the kingdom continues to invest in visionary initiatives, it is not only cementing itself as a global leader in innovation, but also setting the stage for a brighter and more inclusive future for both its citizens and the world at large.

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