World Water Day 2024: Water for Peace


Today, we commemorate World Water Day, a date that invites us to reflect on the importance of preserving and properly managing this vital resource.

Under the slogan “Water for Peace”, the aim is to highlight the need to avoid water-related conflicts and raise awareness of the challenges we face in terms of access and availability.

Water, an indispensable resource for life, constitutes between 60 and 90% of the volume of our bodies and is essential for the existence of living beings, including humans and plants. Therefore, its responsible and equitable management is crucial. This year’s theme reminds us that ensuring access to water is not only a human right but also contributes to building and maintaining peace among peoples.

Consequences of the global water crisis

Unfortunately, worldwide, inequalities still exist regarding access to safe drinking water. Nearly 780 million people, or almost 10% of the world’s population, lack access to safe and clean water sources. This day gives us the opportunity to reflect on these circumstances and to appreciate the privilege of having water at our disposal.

Water scarcity not only poses a risk to public health but is also a destabilizing factor in many regions of the world. We must not allow violence and conflicts to escalate due to the lack of this vital resource. In addition, we must consider the consequences of water scarcity on educational and labor issues, especially for women and girls in vulnerable areas who face long hours of water collection.

A stream of water coming out of a faucet.
It is crucial to encourage responsible and sustainable water use in our communities by promoting recycling, reuse and conservation techniques.

How can we solve the water crisis?

It is crucial that political leaders and each one of us take action to ensure an equitable supply of safe, clean water. This requires proper planning and the implementation of strategies that can prevent major crises.

Valuing water as a common good implies recognizing its importance in such basic aspects as food security. In many parts of the world, the lack of safe drinking water points to symptoms of malnutrition and famine. By ensuring access to safe water sources close to communities, we could make a difference and greatly reduce problems associated with food shortages.

Continue your professional training

Together, we can make a difference by improving water resource management and creating a positive impact on our environment. Education plays a key role in this process. At the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (International Iberomerican University, UNIB), we offer a program of study specialized in the environment, with the aim of training professionals committed to the conservation of water and the planet: the Master in Environmental Management and Audits. Through this master’s degree, you will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to face the most pressing environmental challenges of our society.

On this World Water Day, we look forward to welcoming you to join us in our commitment to a future where the conservation of water and the planet as a whole is our top priority. Together, we will make caring for water and the environment an integral part of our lives and leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Source: Día Mundial del Agua 2024


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