This is the most sought-after tool by companies


This artificial intelligence tool has, currently, generated interest from companies around the world.

Today, ChatGPT is the tool that has become a technological trend; it has captured the interest of companies around the world that have the goal of keeping up to date. As a result, OpenAI had a 4% increase in demand during the early months of 2023.

According to a study by Udemy Business, ChatGPT is the tool that stirs the most interest from companies; however, artificial intelligence in general has presented a high growth rate in 2023. This technology seeks a place in labor markets, not only in user consumption.

Other tools that companies tend to look for are Azure Machine Learning (281%), AI Art Generation (239), Amazon EMR (227%), and Midjourney (218%); these are tools for content generation and machine learning.

How does this tool work?

Given the massive growth of ChatGPT, new security and privacy measures are needed for its developers. For that reason, OpenAI created an option to disable the conversation history when the user wishes to do so.

When using artificial intelligence, ChatGPT creates a new conversation and saves it on the left side. The purpose of storing conversations is for the user to consult them and for the system to continue having a conversation with the user.

OpenAI has indicated that it uses data warehousing to train ChatGPT to improve its responses. This can be a risk for those who provide personal information, as it can fall into the hands of OpenAI trainers. To avoid that, the company created the delete history conversation feature; however, clearing the chat takes up to thirty days to review probable cases of abuse.

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Source: ChatGPT se convirtió en la habilidad que más buscan las empresas en el mundo


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