Thirteen sustainable mobility projects receive awards


The award-winning sustainable mobility projects have stood out for providing innovative, replicable, and inclusive mobility solutions.

The third edition of the Premios Internacionales de Movilidad was held, and it was organized by Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible. This with the support of the Ministry of Development, the Fundación Conama, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The purpose of the award ceremony is to highlight good practices and initiatives of mobility in the public and private sectors. This way, attention can be brought to successful cases and the best solutions to generate results with positive impacts.

The award-winning projects stand out for providing innovative, replicable, high-impact, and inclusive mobility solutions, where commuting to work is done in a healthy way. Initiatives that offer solutions for low-emission zones, mobility in rural areas, and quality of life and safety of long-distance carriers also stood out. These projects are committed to collaboration and innovation for the promotion of electric mobility.

Some of the awarded mobility projects

  • Private Company – Pyme Award: BusUp. Awarded for being the first company to offer shared and flexible transportation. Thanks to its innovative business model and technology, it changed a sector that was not very digitized, providing comfort to passengers.
  • Special Mobility to Work Award: Ingeteam. Awarded for its sustainable commitment. For 50 years, it has been committed to the electrification of society. It has a project called Pedaladas hacia la movilidad sostenible and its aim is to promote sustainable mobility.
  • International Special Award: Office of the Mayor of Bogotá. Awarded for being the city that has most promoted sustainable mobility in Latin America. In addition, it is the leader in electric mobility through its Plan Maestro de Movilidad (Mobility Master Plan) (PMM). 
  • Medium-Small Municipality Award: La Zarza City Council. Awarded for its free public transportation system; it favors mobility and autonomy for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Lastly, the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (International Iberoamerican University) (UNIB) offers the Master in Project Design, Administration, and Management with a specialty in Innovation and Product.

Source: 13 proyectos sostenibles reconocidos en los Premios Internacionales de Movilidad  


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