New solar cells will power the solar energy of the future


In recent times, solar energy technology has experienced a remarkable breakthrough with the introduction of highly efficient perovskite-based solar cells. This innovation promises to increase efficiency and reduce renewable energy costs, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Advances in perovskite tandem solar cells

The solar industry’s constant search for more efficient and economical alternatives has led to the development of solar cells using perovskite. This technology significantly outperforms conventional solar cells.

What is perovskite?

Perovskite is a semiconductor material with exceptional photovoltaic properties due to its ability to efficiently absorb various wavelengths of sunlight. Integrated with silicon in tandem solar cells, perovskite enables full spectrum solar collection, substantially improving the conversion of light into electricity.

Advantages of perovskite tandem cells

One of the main advantages of perovskite tandem solar cells is their high efficiency. Perovskite cells have been shown to achieve an efficiency of over 26%, a percentage that exceeds the 20% efficiency of traditional silicon solar cells. In addition, a laboratory efficiency record of over 33% has been achieved, positioning this technology as a viable option for large-scale power generation.

Construction workers walk amid solar panels installed on the roof of a building.
Perovskite cells have been shown to achieve an efficiency of over 26%, a percentage that exceeds the 20% efficiency of traditional silicon solar cells.

Challenges and progress 

Despite their high efficiency, perovskite solar cells face technological and commercial challenges before widespread adoption. Improvements in durability and stability are needed, as perovskite tends to degrade with exposure to light, heat and moisture. In this regard, several leading companies and research centers are dedicating significant resources to overcome these obstacles. Companies such as Oxford PV, First Solar and Hanwha Q Cells have made significant progress and are expected to be ready for production and commercialization within the next five years.

Science and sustainable energy

The progress of science in the search for solutions to energy problems has demonstrated the possibility of implementing renewable and sustainable energies. This new technology is emerging as one of the most promising options for the future. Solar energy could become the main source of electricity in the future, thanks to its high efficiency and the possibility of offering more competitive prices. 

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